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Interesting and Unique

November Wine and Cheese Club Wines

Selected by Rey Mora

Zulal Voskehat 2019

Meet Aimee Keushguerian. Aimee is working to revitalize the indigenous, pre-Soviet, lesser known grape varieties of Armenia; in their purest form. Aimee’s wines are new to the Nashville market. High elevation viticulture, extreme climate and volcanic soil give these wines their distinctive character. In your hands is 100% Voskehat; Armenia’s most well-known variety. Once used to produce fortified wine, Voskehat has the texture and aromas of a high end Chardonnay. Enjoy alongside roasted pork and bulgur pilaf or faro dishes.

Zulal Areni 2018

New and exciting, yet ancient and historic; Areni is Armenia’s leading red grape variety. Zulal means ‘pure’ in Armenian and Areni is a pure and classic expression of this ancient grape. Like a Pinot Noir, Areni can be energetic and bright with fruit, yet earthy and complex enough to stand up to hearty dishes. Pair with this month’s Maricoot Heritage.

La Basia Valtenesi 2019

In Lombardia, on the western coast of Lake Garda, we can find a long list of peculiar and unique varieties. Gropello is one of them and it is the major grape in Valtenesi blends from the region. La Basia was founded by the late Elena Parona. Her son, Giacomo, now runs the winemaking operation and is equally passionate about preserving local traditions. The lake effect does Gropollo well. Barbera, Sangiovese, and Marzemino enjoy this climate as well. Low tannin and fresh with fruit; La Botte Piena plays well with spicy and herbal dishes.

Mylonas Assyrtiko 2020

Fun, weird labels. Fun wine. Yes and yes. Indigenous to Santorini, Greece. Assyrtiko has been hard to find at this price. Known for both texture and minerality, Assyrtiko is a true island wine.

As an island wine, Assyrtiko is perfect for shellfish and, of course, Greece’s classic tomato-feta salad. Think rich seafood, fatty fish, white meat, spaghetti with butter or olive oil, salads with starchy products or traditional lamb dishes finished with lemon.

Ornella Molon Refosco 2017

In the Treviso region of Veneto, the village of Campo di Pietra has been dedicated to cultivating grapes. Refosco is often confused with Slovenia and Croatia native Refosk. Refosco is similar, though; highly tannic, full bodied and ripe with intense red and black fruit. Refosco is a hearty wine that pairs with roasted meats and hard cheeses, like this month’s Maricoot Heritage.

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