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Fords London Dry Gin
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Fords London Dry Gin


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Category Gin
Region United Kingdom, England
Brand Fords
Proof 90.00
Nose: Juniper, coriander and angelica root up front with developing layers of citrus, jasmine and hints of vanilla in the back. Very pleasant on the nose, bright and aromatic. Mid Palate: Prominent mid palate presence, with juniper oils on the center tongue and full aroma on top palate. Citrus oils excite the side palate beautifully. Under tongue stays dry yet animated. Excellent mid palate structure to serve as base for mixing. Dryness: Dryness coming from jasmine. Front of Palate: Light sweetness on tip of the tongue. Gentle introduction of the botanicals to follow. Notes of orris and angelica roots. Complexity: High. Body or Mouth Feel: Full body with rather fresh mouth feel and high oil content. Finish: Long, lingering finish of grapefruit rind and juniper with a balance of the floral notes.