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Glutenberg White Ale 16 oz. Can
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Glutenberg White Ale

16 oz. Can

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Category White Beer
Region Canada
Brand Glutenberg
Alcohol/vol 5%
The Blanche is a completely unique interpretation of a classic style of Belgian inspiration. Traditionally brewed with wheat, Glutenberg renewed the style entirely to put forward a 100% gluten- and wheat-free beer, a tour de force of which only we hold the recipe. The Glutenberg White's distinction lies in its quinoa and amaranth composition, which endows it with a noticeable grainy profile, ensuring a steady mouth-feel. Soft and refreshing, with hints of coriander and curaçao, the White is the perfect nectar to quench your thirst. Colour: Hazy blond. Nose: Coriander, orange, yeast. Flavours: Spiced grains, coriander, floral notes.