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Cederberg Bukettraube
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Cederberg Bukettraube


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Category White Wine
Region South Africa
Brand Cederberg
An aromatic Bukettraube with a distinctive green apple, terpene character followed with hints of honeycomb and white flowers. A vibrant wine with delicate muscat flavour finishing off with a refreshingly sweet and sour sensation. Bukettraube is the spicy fusion food partner, "BUT" not hot food. Sweet Cape curries, sweet barbeques, or goose liver and baked fruits all work well. Monkeygland, raisin and Thai sauces go well with bukettraube. We cannot stress it enough that this is NOT a dessert wine. The wine does not like chocolate or dairy (the latter - if infused with orange peel, or sweet fruit flavours - can work). Turkish desserts are natural bukettraube partners.