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Cain Five 2007 750ml
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Cain Five 2007



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Most wine lovers will consider 2007 the best vintage of the decade; certainly it surpasses 1997. This in itself should be enough-among all vintages, it is one you must own. Both the Cain Five and the Cain Concept are true reflections of the 2007 vintage-balanced ripeness, richness, and concentration. Each wine also reflects the place where the grapes grow. 2007 was one of the rare vintages that worked just as well on the mountain tops-such as our Cain Vineyard-and on the valley floor in our beloved benchlands. This is because almost everything was perfect: the vines yielded neither too much nor too little, the weather was neither too hot nor too cool, the ripening occurred neither too early nor too late. Of course we picked our Cain Vineyard later in general than the Benchland, and for once, the weather cooperated, giving us a gentle warm October-perfect for a wonderful harvest. However, we will also remember 2007 as the vintage in which, after many years of replanting, we were finally able to return the Cain Five to 100% Cain Vineyard-Estate Bottled. After its first five years as Estate Bottled, we began replanting our vineyard in the spring of 1995. Although the replanting is not yet complete, and many blocks are still young, we are beginning to see and taste, literally, "the fruits of our labors." For the past few vintages, the proportion of our Cain Vineyard in the Cain Five has been gradually increasing, so that by 2003, we could call it "Spring Mountain District" (we got around to putting that on the label in 2005) and now with 2007 we can call it "Estate Bottled," which means 100% of the grapes were grown in our Cain Vineyard.

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